Check Certificate Number

Earn a certificate for the training to prove your knowledge in front of employer/ potential employer validated by team.


Why get a certificate from

1. It proves that you have attended and successfully completed the training from
2. Employers typically value a certificate more than a verbal claim to having required knowledge.
3. Your employer can be confident of your skill set by validating your certificate number with our CertCheck tool.

Certification Exams:

As part of your course, an online professional certification is included which will be on basis of your conduct in the classes and the successful clearance of online exam. This digitally signed certificate will be generated automatically after you have passed the exam and after confirmation of your class conduct from the trainer.

For obtaining this expert grade certificate, the candidate needs to go through a special test session with the trainer. The trainer will ask questions on the topics covered during the course. On successful answer, the trainer will assign appropriate marks to the student. Based on this evaluation process if the student obtains more than 65% of marks then the certificate will be awarded. For any one getting more than 80% marks in the evaluation, the certificate will carry a special sign of achievement highlighting % marks obtained in evaluation.

In order to ensure transparency and unbiased evaluation, the evaluation is to be done by a different trainer than the one who have taken the session. And therefore the certification process is a separately charged process as well with certification exam charge being standardized at 40 USD or 2500 INR.

The exam will be held in an online classroom with evaluation trainer in realtime.

How to opt for the Expert certification:

Please contact your after sales student co-ordinator.

Please type the Certificate ID or the Name of the candidate or the registered email id and search: