Great learning resources for your employees

With the corporate partnership with us, a company can enjoy unlimited access to our self paced video training classes on an yearly subscription basis. The yearly subscription prices are calculated on basis of the below table.

No. of Employees Per Year Access Fee/ Employee Per Month Access Fee /Employee Pay-As-You-Go – Per Day Access Fee /Employee
1 – 100 150 USD 15 USD 0.5 USD (min 30 employees)
101 – 200 140 USD 14 USD 0.5 USD
201 – 300 120 USD 12 USD 0.5 USD
301 – 500 110 USD 11 USD 0.5 USD
More than 500 100 USD 10 USD 0.5 USD

The corporate subscribers also enjoy a flat 25% discount on any of the live online instructor led trainings. Also depending on various factors such as batch size, various offers can be extended. For more information reach out to your account manager in

If you do not have an existing relationship then please send us an email to [email protected] with your requirements and we will assign a dedicated account manager for managing all your training requirements.