AWS SysOps Associate Certification Online Classroom Training

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  • checkbox Lifetime access to the Learning Management System
  • checkbox Class Recording
  • checkbox Real Time Projects
  • checkbox Free VM for Lab

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AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate




Introduction[+/- Click here for details]
Deployment & Provisioning[+/- Click here for details]
  • Introduction to EC2
  • End to End Provisioning Steps for Launching EC2 VMs
  • EBS Storage Concepts
  • Instance Types
  • Elastic Load Balancers
  • Understanding Application Load Balancer
  • Launch and Manage Application Load Balancer
  • Understanding AWS Systems Manager
  • Understanding Placement Groups
High Availability[+/- Click here for details]
  • Cloud Scalability Basics
  • RDS And HA through Multi AZ deployment
  • Importance of using Read Replicas
  • Securing RDS
  • Using Elasticache
  • RDS vs Aurora
  • Implementing Aurora
  • CloudFront CDN for HA and High Performance of Data

Storage & Data Management[+/- Click here for details]
EC2 Volume Types
Instance Storages
EBS Storages
Introduction To EFS
Implementing and using EFS
Introduction to Object Storage
Introduction to S3
Manage S3 storage
S3 Lifecycle Policies

Using Athena as analyzer for data in S3

Storage for Migrations: Snowball & Snowball Edge
Storage for Migrations: Storage Gateway

Security[+/- Click here for details]
  • Compliance On AWS
  • Shared Responsibility
  • DDOS
  • AWS Marketplace Security Products
  • IAM Custom Policies Lab
  • Roles & Custom Policies Lab
  • MFA & Reporting With IAM Lab
  • Security Token Service
  • Security & Logging
  • AWS Hypervisors
  • Dedicated Instances Vs Dedicated Hosts
  • AWS Systems Manager EC2 Run Command
  • AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store
  • AWS Config With S3
  • Presigned URLs
  • S3 – Restrict IP Addresses
  • Inspector Vs Trusted Advisor
  • AWS Service Limits
  • Other Security Aspects
  • CloudTrail – Turning It On and Validating Logs
  • CloudTrail – Protecting Your Logs
  • Security considerations for EC2 Storages and S3
  • SecurityKMS & CloudHSM

Networking & Route53[+/- Click here for details]
  • DNS Basics
  • Route 53 Zones
  • Route 53 as Load Balancer
  • Route 53 with CDN
  • Route 53 Routing Rules

VPCs[+/- Click here for details]
  • VPC Overview
  • Build a custom VPC
  • Bastion Hosts
  • NAT Options
  • ACL
  • VPC End Points
  • VPC Flow Logs

Automation[+/- Click here for details]
  • Introducing CloudFormation
  • CloudFormation Lab
  • Introducing ElasticBeanstalk
  • Elastic Beanstalk Lab
  • AWS OpsWorks
  • Automation Summary

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