Azure DevOps Live Online Classroom Training

20,000.00 17,000.00

  • Comprehensive coverage of Azure DevOps components
  • No pre-requisites for learning this course
  • DevOps concepts are thoroughly covered
  • 100% hands on practical oriented course
  • Get access to LMS with materials and videos on the subject


  1. Concepts of DevOps
    1. Project Management with Kanban Boards in Trello
    2. Source Code Management with Github
    3. Continuous Integration with Travis
    4. Continuous Build with Maven
    5. Build Artifact Management with Maven Local Repository
    6. Deployment Automation using Curl with Tomcat API
    7. Understanding Continuous Delivery with Jenkins Pipeline
    8. Continuous Provisioning using Vagrant
    9. Understanding Continuous Deployment
    10. Understanding Continuous Monitoring
  2. Introduction to Azure Cloud
    1. Concepts of Cloud Commputing
    2. Major services on Azure Cloud
    3. Creating and Launching a VM on Azure Cloud
    4. Signing up for Azure DevOps
  3. Azure DevOps
    1. Using Kanban Boards with Azure Boards
    2. Source Code Management with Azure Repos
    3. Continuous Build using Azure Pipelines
    4. Continuous Integrations using Azure Pipelines
    5. Artifacts Management using Azure Artifacts
    6. Continuous Provisioning using ARM Templates
    7. Deployment Automation in Azure Pipelines
    8. Setting up Continuous Delivery Pipeline on Azure DevOps
    9. Continuous Monitoring with Azure Monitor
    10. Test Automation using Azure Test Plans
  4. Azure Boards
    1. Work Items
    2. Boards
    3. Backlogs
    4. Sprints
    5. Queries
  5. Azure Repos
    1. Version Control
    2. Distributed Source Code Management
    3. Commits
    4. CLI Operations
    5. Pushing and Pulling
    6. Branch Management
    7. Branching Strategies
    8. Tagging
    9. Collaborative Development through Pull Requests
    10. Code Merging
    11. Merge Hell
  6. Visual Studio Code
    1. Installing VS Code
    2. Introduction to Marketplace
    3. Integrating VS Code with Azure Repos
  7. Azure Pipelines
    1. Build Pipeline
    2. Release Pipeline
    3. Library Variables
    4. Secure Library Files
    5. Concept and Use of Task Groups
    6. Concept and Use of Deployment Groups
  8. Azure Artifacts
    1. Concept and Use of Feeds
    2. Managing Artifacts
  9. Azure Test Plans
    1. Testing Web Applications with Browser extensions
    2. Load Tests
    3. Run Tests
  10. Infrastructure As Code
    1. Provisioning VMs on Azure using ARM Templates
    2. Deployments using ARM Templates
    3. Creating Azure Pipelines as Code
    4. Using Terraform in Azure DevOps
    5. Using Ansible in Azure DevOps


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