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This course is designed to teach you about managing application containers, using Kubernetes.

Mastering highly resilient and scalable infrastructure management is very important, because the modern expectation is that your favorite sites will be up 24/7, and that they will roll out new features frequently and without disruption of the service. Achieving this requires tools that allow you to ensure speed of development, infrastructure stability and ability to scale. Microservices architecture aims to break your application in smaller pieces and make this possible. Containers like docker enable microservice philosophy with lightweight runtime environments for applications.

Kubernetes is an open source orchestration system for container based distributed applications. Originally created by Google based on principles from its internal orchestration system (e.g Borg), Kubernetes is now developed on GitHub, it provides several level of fault-tolerance, scalability and useful primitives that go beyond the single container concept.


    1. Lesson 1 – Introduction to Microservices
      1. What is Microservices
      2. Understanding of scale qube
      3. Benefits and problems with microservices
      4. Example use case of microservices
      5. Why containerization is suitable for microservices
      6. What are the benefits of using Docker for microservices
      7. How kubernetes adds value in a microservices architecture
      8. Learn how 12-factor apps and the microservices design pattern make modern applications easier to deploy and maintain.
    2. Lesson 2 – Introduction to Docker
      1. Learn history of docker
      2. Installation
      3. Understanding architecture
      4. Deploying docker containers
      5. Managing lifecycle of docker containers
    3. Lesson 3 – Building the Containers with Docker
      1. Use Docker to build container images
      2. package an application and its dependencies in a container
    4. Lesson 4 – Kubernetes Concepts
      1. Understanding Use Case
      2. Understanding Architecture
      3. Understanding Components
    5. Lesson 5 – Kubernetes Implementation
      1. Installing Kubernetes on a 4 node VM cluster
      2. Deploying apps with docker on kubernetes
      3. Managing launched instance’s life cycle
      4. Setting up an interface on kubernets (cockpit)
    6. Lesson 6 – Managing docker at scale
      1. Scaling up and down on kubernetes Manually
      2. Implementing Autoscaling on Kubernetes
    7. Lesson 7 – Kubernetes Coding
      1. Deployments through code
      2. Replication Controller through code
      3. Pods through code
      4. Multi-container pods through code
    8. Lesson 8 – Helm Based Deployments on Kubernetes
      1. Understand Concept and Architecture of Helm
      2. Deploying Helm charts on Kubernetes
      3. Creating custom helm charts
    9. Lesson 9 – Istio
      1. Concept and Architecture of Istio
      2. Implementing and Using Istio
      3. Understanding Istio use cases
    10. Lesson 10 – Kubernetes as a Service on Public Clouds
      1. Deploying and using Kubernetes on Google Cloud
      2. Deploying and using Kubernetes on AWS
    11. Lesson 11 – CICD on Kubernetes
      1. Jenkins on Kubernetes
    12. Projects:
      1. Implementing a 4 VM cluster of Kubernetes
      2. Implementing Minimal Openshift
      3. Deploy & Manage Applications on Kubernetes
      4. Scaling containers with docker on Kubernetes
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  8. √  You get access to a learning management system where your course materials are shared
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Regular classes - 4 weeks
Weekend Classes - 6 weeks
Customized Fast Track option is available as well. Call +91-8049202039 now to customize according to your requirement

Experienced IT professionals
Having hands on practical knowledge
With experience of training large batches in both offline and online mode

    • Online Self Paced Training (SPT) with Videos and Documents
    • Online Instructor Led Training (ILT)
    • Weekend classroom training (call +91-8049202039)

Study9 provides a robust job market focused Kubernetes training. Our Kubernetes course is designed with the right mix of basic and advanced topics to get one started in the domain and enable a person to get a good job in this competitive market. Our Kubernetes trainers are experienced professionals with hands on knowledge of Kubernetes projects. The Kubernetes course content is designed with keeping the current job market’s demands in mind.Our Kubernetes training course is value for money and tailor made for our students.

About Study9 Training Method

The Study9 Kubernetes training courses are online/classroom training courses. The online Kubernetes training is given using advanced training softwares to make the students comfortable with the online training. The student and teacher can talk over VOIP software, they can share each others screens, share Kubernetes course contents and concerns during the class through chat window and even can see each other using Webcams. The time tested proven online Kubernetes training methodologies adopted by study9 are of the most advanced ones in India. The student will feel at ease with the Kubernetes training mode. And we are so confident on that, we offer a moneyback if the student is not satisfied with first Kubernetes Training class. The cloud based Kubernetes training course contents are accessible from anywhere in the world. Study9 provides access for each student to an online Learning Management System that holds all the slides and videos that are part of the Kubernetes training courses. The students can access them from their Laptop, Mobile, Tablets etc. The students will also give Kubernetes training exams on this Learning Management System and our expert Kubernetes trainers will rate their papers and provide certifications on successful completion of these Kubernetes training exams. The best part of this online Kubernetes training approach is that it does not require one to waste time by travelling to a particular Kubernetes training center. And the timings are flexible so that if someday the student has problems in taking the morning Kubernetes training class he/she can fix an alternate time in the evening in discussion with Kubernetes trainer. On need basis our Kubernetes trainers can take a class in late night as well. On request basis missed Kubernetes training class sessions can even be given as video lectures to the student for them to go through to be prepared for the next class.

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