Certified Kubernetes Expert Online Classroom Training


This course is designed to teach you about managing application containers, using Kubernetes.

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CKE Syllabus

    1. Lesson 1 – Introduction to Microservices
      1. What is Microservices
      2. Understanding of scale qube
      3. Benefits and problems with microservices
      4. Example use case of microservices
      5. Why containerization is suitable for microservices
      6. What are the benefits of using Docker for microservices
      7. How kubernetes adds value in a microservices architecture
      8. Learn how 12-factor apps and the microservices design pattern make modern applications easier to deploy and maintain.
    2. Lesson 2 – Introduction to Docker
      1. Learn history of docker
      2. Installation
      3. Understanding architecture
      4. Deploying docker containers
      5. Managing lifecycle of docker containers
    3. Lesson 3 – Building the Containers with Docker
      1. Use Docker to build container images
      2. package an application and its dependencies in a container
    4. Lesson 4 – Kubernetes Concepts
      1. Understanding Use Case
      2. Understanding Architecture
      3. Understanding Components
    5. Lesson 5 – Kubernetes Implementation
      1. Installing Kubernetes on a 4 node VM cluster
      2. Deploying apps with docker on kubernetes
      3. Managing launched instance’s life cycle
      4. Setting up an interface on kubernets (cockpit)
    6. Lesson 6 – Managing docker at scale
      1. Scaling up and down on kubernetes Manually
      2. Implementing Autoscaling on Kubernetes
    7. Lesson 7 – Kubernetes Coding
      1. Deployments through code
      2. Replication Controller through code
      3. Pods through code
      4. Multi-container pods through code
    8. Lesson 8 – Helm Based Deployments on Kubernetes
      1. Understand Concept and Architecture of Helm
      2. Deploying Helm charts on Kubernetes
      3. Creating custom helm charts
    9. Lesson 9 – Istio
      1. Concept and Architecture of Istio
      2. Implementing and Using Istio
      3. Understanding Istio use cases
    10. Lesson 10 – Kubernetes as a Service on Public Clouds
      1. Deploying and using Kubernetes on Google Cloud
      2. Deploying and using Kubernetes on AWS
    11. Lesson 11 – CICD on Kubernetes
      1. Jenkins on Kubernetes
    12. Projects:
      1. Implementing a 4 VM cluster of Kubernetes
      2. Implementing Minimal Openshift
      3. Deploy & Manage Applications on Kubernetes
      4. Scaling containers with docker on Kubernetes

Why Study9?

  1. Students share screen to trainer while trainer guides the student to perform practice activities on student’s system. Every practical is done by you and hence you learn through hands on activities done by yourself on your system (rather than watching someone do it on their system while you are just watching screen – that does not happen in Study9 unlike many other institutes).
  2. More focus on in depth hands on practical oriented training than on slide based presentations
  3. Industry expert trainers with more than 10 years of IT industry experience
  4. Quality support through dedicated account managers
  5. Video recording of every class for going through the videos at later stage
  6. Opportunity to join other batches for missed classes (as per availability of session)
  7. Course completion certificate for everyone
  8. Certificate by passing practical exam taken by trainer – Study9 Certified Kubernetes Expert
  9. Learning Management System with Videos and Course Materials
  10. Cloud based labs or Labs on your system for complete control


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