Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator

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Microsoft has updated the course and exams. You need to pass two exams to get this certification. This course covers both certifications AZ 100 and AZ 101



Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Course Syllabus

Exam AZ 100: Microsoft Azure Infrastructure and Deployment

1. Manage Subscriptions and Resources
1.1 Managing Azure Subscriptions
1.2 Access Management for Cloud Resources
1.3 Monitoring and Diagnostics
1.4 Log Analytics
1.5 Azure Resource Manager

2. Implementing and Managing Storage
2.1 Overview of Azure Storage
2.2 Storage Services
2.3 Securing and Managing Storage
2.4 Storing and Accessing Data
2.5 Monitoring Storage

3. Deploying and Managing Virtual Machines
3.1 Overview of Azure Machines
3.2 Creating Virtual Machines
3.3 Deploying Virtual Machine Images
3.4 Configuring Virtual Machines
3.5 Managing and Monitoring Virtual Machines

4. Configuring and Managing Virtual Networks
4.1 Azure Virtual Networks
4.2 Azure DNS
4.3 Securing Virtual Network Resources

5. Manage Identities
5.1 Managing Azure AD
5.2 Managing Azure AD Objects
5.3 Implementing and Managing Hybrid Identities

Exam AZ 101: Microsoft Azure Integration and Security

1. Migrate Servers to Azure
1.1 Managing Azure AD
1.2 Azure Site Recovery
1.3 Additional Migration Scenarios

2. Implementing and Managing Application Services
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Web Apps Management and Security
2.3 Scaling and Performance
2.4 Serverless Computing

3. Secure Identities
3.1 Identity Security
3.2 MFA
3.3 Azure AD priviledged Identity Management

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