So you have heard of DevOps. Yes, I am sure you have heard great things about this new domain of IT where anyone from any field can learn the subject and build a career as an IT engineer. It seems too good to be true when you hear that there is high demand in the market for professionals skilled on DevOps while the supply of good quality DevOps engineers are low, which by standard nature of free market is the best place to be in. You hear of friends who have been able to successfully switch their careers to DevOps and are now enjoying best salary and job roles in the industry for people of their experience levels. You see articles and reports from industry’s biggest consultant houses that this DevOps is the future of IT. And then you have some worries of your own – do I have what it takes to become a DevOps expert? Is this the right career path for me given my current career so far? Why will someone take me if I don’t have much experience in this field?

All of that is true and your concerns are valid. But think of it this way – what better options do you have if not move into DevOps?

Non IT, Non Engineering

Non IT Engineer

Non Engineering Fresher

Engineering Fresher

Experienced IT Pro

Senior IT Pro


So, as you can understand from the above sections, no matter what may be your background, there is potentially a lot of value in equipping yourself with DevOps skillset. As a DevOps skilled person you will be always in demand as DevOps is surely not going anywhere any time soon. It is a growing domain that with time is simply going to become almost mandatory for every IT person to have. DevOps of 2009 is vastly different from DevOps of 2023. With time, this domain has grown into an end to end automation approach to IT management

Age of Linux Automation

Initial Thoughts

Becoming a Buzzword in a Cloud dominated world

Microservices Revolution & Hybrid Cloud

Enterprise adoptions & Focus on DevSecOps

Downfall of private cloud with rise of Cloud DevOps & AI Ops

Platform Engineering and NoOps with SRE mindset


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