DevOps Video

DevOps is a framework for making developers and operations people work together in a collaborative process to ensure faster time to market for newly developed products/product enhancements. The framework involves primarily three domain of technologies namely: IPA (Infrastructure Provisioning Automation), ARA (Application Release Automation) and ICMC (Infrastructure Configuration Management as Code).

The study material for this course is available here:
DevOps Presentation with Screenshots and Instructions

The Syllabus for this course is as follows:

Introduction to DevOps
DevOps Lab Setup

Infrastructure Provisioning Automation
Understanding Virtualization and Automation of Virtualization through Vagrant
Understanding Containerization and Automation of Containerization through Docker
Orchestrating Docker Containers through Kubernetes
Application Release Automation
Understanding Source Code Management through Git, GitHub and GitLab
Understanding Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery through Jenkins, Maven, Sonarqube, Nexus, Tomcat, Container Deployment
Understanding integration of CI/CD with Continuous Testing using Selenium testing automation
Understanding Continuous Monitoring through Nagios
Infrastructure Configuration Management as Code
Understanding Desired State Configuration Management & Infrastructure Configuration Management as Code through Puppet
Learning Chef as alternative to Puppet for DSC and ICMC
Understanding Agentless DSC and ICMC through Ansible

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