Placement Support


We provide the following services:

1. Professional Resume Build Up: We help you write up your resume following professional templates with highlighting the points in your resume that will matter to your potential employer most.

2. Mock Interviews: Our trainers are real industry professionals. They keep hiring people in your domain in their organization and know what kind of questions are asked on industry interviews. They can impart such expert knowledge through taking your mock interviews on the subject and you will get to know your weaknesses and strengths through the process. This will make you ready for facing the job market in a much prepared state.

3. Job Search Assistance: Our professional job search experts will work on finding best job opportunities published across various job portals and will let you know through email communication. The team will help you to prepare for the interview as well.

4. Placement Support: Our partner organization specializing in recruitment services can pick up your candidature and help you find jobs of your choice in your location of choice.

How to obtain these services:

At the time of registering for a course you can ask your pre sales coordinator for these services to be bundled with your package or if you have already registered then you can reach out to your student coordinator for these services.

As the part of placement assistance, we provide professional resume preparation and mock interview sessions,Job Search Assistance etc to prepare you for job interviews.
However , please understand we are training provides and not placement consultancies.
We are committed to provide training by best quality professionals and having one of the best curriculum s available in the market.

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