Study9 provides Live Instructor Led Online or Classroom training by experienced industry professionals. Our entire course is hands on, around 30-35 hours of duration. Out of which approximately 25-28 hours are completely hands on training on the tools and implementations. We do not waste time in PPTs and theory sessions. In a professional job world, real experience matters. Our entire course is practical and hence time taken to complete the course is almost equal to time taken for implementation of those tools and writing up of those codes.

Our trainers are hand picked & are occupying leadership positions in their respective companies they work in. Each are on a global customer facing role in their day job. When they take trainings for us, they bring their experience to the table so that you not only gain the knowledge but also the perspective.

We do not compromise on the quality of the trainer.We have given the students direct access to the trainers so that the relationship between the trainer and the student is built up.The trainers engage with students on a personal level as an industry senior than just being a distant trainer for a specific class.

We also provide Hands-on, scenario-based Self Paced Video training.

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