Our online customer referrals program

Referring customers to the study9 team is a really simple way to make money.Because all our training courses are well known to individuals as well as industry professionals.So its easy for you to generate interest in them.And then we do all the work to close the transactions.

How does it work?

Once you fill the following referral form,you will become a member of training advisor program.There’s no cost for membership. and study9  bears the cost of selling and managing the customer relationship.You have to only promote our course.For example you may decide to post a course for a free demo on your website or blog.You will get the free demo videos of the courses on this link And once your referral for a course to a customer makes a purchase ,we pay you a commission.

How much can I make?

Referral fees will vary depending upon the  deal size.Our sales team will decide on it and you will be paid a percentage of the sale,i.e ranging from (5-20) % of the total purchase.

Referral Form