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Prometheus is a monitoring solution for storing time series data like metrics. Grafana allows to visualize the data stored in Prometheus . Monitoring is an important component of Devops automation. To manage a robust and complex infrastructure, you need to be able to quickly and easily understand what is happening in your systems.

Its a deep dive course on Prometheus and Grafana. So we will talk about advance concepts as well related to Prometheus and Grafana.Using Prometheus, you can collect and query the telemetry data and combine it with a powerful data visualization tool called Grafana. This is a hands-on course so you should be able to follow along with our instructor on your own system or the cloud server provided by us to practice the topics that the trainer will teach you. We will show you set up and configuration of Prometheus and Grafana on Linux, Windows, and Mac to configure metrics from Linux and Windows machines.

We will cover :

  • Basic : what Prometheus is ? what Prometheus does ?
  • Installation and Configuration : installation of  your own Prometheus server
  • Prometheus Data : how it stores it’s data as well as the query language that you use to interact with Prometheus data
  • Visualization : We will use Grafana to create visual display of your Prometheus metric data.
  • Collecting data : we will talk about a variety of various methods that Prometheus use to actually collect the data
  • Alerting
  • Advanced topics : Like High availability and federation
  • Security : We will talk about security pertinent to Prometheus.
  • Client library : We will talk about different Prometheus client libraries which you can use to gather matrix from your own custom application.


Prometheus has changed the way of monitoring systems and that is why it has become the Top-level project of Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).After completing this course, you can start working on any Prometheus project with full confidence.This course is suitable for all developers, DevOps Engineers, and Solution Architects that want to quickly learn monitoring and telemetry with the edge technologies and apply the learning at their work


With that  said, are you ready to go ahead and dive in ! We are confident you will enjoy the class.


Prometheus Basics

  • What Is Prometheus?
  • Prometheus Architecture — Bird’s-Eye View
  • Prometheus Use Cases — Strengths and Limitations


Installation and Configuration

  • Building a Prometheus Server
  • Configuring Prometheus
  • Configuring an Exporter
  • HANDS-ON LAB Building a Prometheus Server
  • HANDS-ON LAB Collecting Linux Server Metrics with Prometheus


Prometheus Data Model

  • What Is Time-Series Data?
  • Metrics and Labels
  • Metric Types
  • HANDS-ON LAB Locating Time-Series Data in Prometheus
  • HANDS-ON LAB Working with Prometheus Metric Types



  • Introduction to Prometheus Querying
  • Query Basics
  • Query Operators
  • Query Functions
  • Prometheus HTTP API
  • HANDS-ON LAB Working with Prometheus Queries
  • HANDS-ON LAB  Advanced Prometheus Queries
  • HANDS-ON LAB  Using the Prometheus HTTP API


Introduction to Visualization

  • Prometheus Visualization Methods


Native Visualization Methods

  • Expression Browser
  • Console Templates
  • Console Template Graph Library
  • HANDS-ON LAB Building a Prometheus Console Template
  • HANDS-ON LAB Using the Graph Library in a Prometheus Console Template



  • What is Grafana
  • The Shoe Hub Company
  • Introduction to Grafana
  • Installing Grafana on Windows
  • Installing Grafana on Mac with Homebrew
  • Installing Grafana on Ubuntu (Linux)
  • Configuring Grafana
  • Connect Grafana to Prometheus
  • Creating Your First Grafana Dashboard
  • The Time Series Panel
  • Annotations in Grafana
  • Alerts in Grafana
  • User management in Grafana
  • Google Authentication for Grafana
  • Active Directory Authentication for Grafana


  • Introduction to Exporters
  • Application Monitoring
  • Jobs and Instances
  • HANDS-ON LAB  Collecting Application Metrics with Prometheus
  • HANDS-ON LAB  Docker Daemon Monitoring with Prometheus
  • HANDS-ON LAB Docker Container Monitoring with Prometheus
  • HANDS-ON LAB Kubernetes Monitoring with Prometheus


Prometheus Pushgateway

  • Introduction to Pushgateway
  • Installing Pushgateway
  • Pushing Data to Pushgateway
  • HANDS-ON LAB  Installing Prometheus Pushgateway
  • HANDS-ON LAB Monitoring a Batch Job with Prometheus Pushgateway


Recording Rules

  • Introduction to Recording Rules
  • Configuring Recording Rules
  • HANDS-ON LAB Using Prometheus Recording Rules


Alertmanager Setup and Configuration

  • What Is Alertmanager?
  • Installing Alertmanager
  • Alertmanager Configuration
  • High Availability and Alertmanager
  • HANDS-ON LAB Installing Prometheus Alertmanager
  • HANDS-ON LAB  Configuring Prometheus Alertmanager
  • HANDS-ON LAB Configuring Prometheus Alertmanager for High Availability


Prometheus Alerts

  • Alerting Rules
  • Managing Alerts
  • HANDS-ON LAB Configuring Prometheus Alerts
  • HANDS-ON LAB Advanced Configuration for Prometheus Alerts


Using Multiple Prometheus Servers

  • High Availability
  • Federation
  • HANDS-ON LAB  Building a Highly Available Prometheus Setup
  • HANDS-ON LAB Implementing Hierarchical Federation With Prometheus



  • Prometheus Security Assumptions


Client Libraries

  • Introduction to Prometheus Client Libraries
  • Using the Prometheus Java Client Library
  • HANDS-ON LAB  Using the Java Client Library for Prometheus


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