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The objective of this course is to ensure two key things

  1. To train you to become professional Cloud Devops Engineer
  2. To demonstrate your new capability by passing Google Cloud – Professional DevOps Engineer Certification

Passing the exam is one such achievement, but our motto here is to also make you capable so that you can demonstrate your expertise in real world which we believe is actually matters most down the road.

GCP PCDOE is a role based certification . The definition of Devops according to google is “class SRE implements Devops” If you understand SRE then you will understand google’s version of devops.Its a specific way to do Devops. SRE is something that google first has made up and it comprises many principles and practices, It’s the core part of the learning path for this certification.

Now SRE is the answer to ‘What’. But we need to also understand the ‘How’ . One of the really important Hows are CI/CD .CI/CD is very important part in making devops and SRE to work.We need to understand how to automate CL/CD pipeline to organize our teramwork and tools under CI/CD we will implement in LAB.Next we will discuss how operations work in the google cloud.Once you have deployed a system , how do you keep it running ? and what you do if it stops running ? Finally, we will understand how to put all these stuff together to pass the exam.

Recommended experience : we expect that you have a background in GCP at least google cloud associate cloud engineer level expertise. We are Not Assuming you have any developing or Operations real world experience . So don’t worry we will teach you everything that you need to ace the certification exam.

Our classes are extremely hands on . We will not only cover the technology but we will develop your engineering mindset that is equally critical for this role in real life.

We hope you’ll join us on this exciting learning journey and become a Google Cloud Professional DevOps Engineer !

Foundation and Concepts

  • What is (the Business of) Software Development?
  • What is the High-Level Dev Process Data Flow?
  • What is Operations?
  • What is a DevOps Engineer?
  • What is a Site Reliability Engineer?
  • What are the Common Problems (and General Solutions)?
  • Milestone: Business Savvy and Rescoping


Job Role Breakdown

  • Exam Guide Walkthrough — SRE
  • Exam Guide Walkthrough — CI/CD
  • Exam Guide Walkthrough — Ops

Course Outline


  • An Important Note About A Cloud Guru and Linux Academy Courses
  • About the Course and Learning Path
  • About the Training Architects
  • Milestone: Getting Started…


Balancing Change, Velocity, and Service Reliability with SREs

  • Big Picture: What Is Site Reliability Engineering?
  • Understanding SLIs
  • Understanding SLOs
  • Understanding SLAs
  • Milestone: Oh My!


Making the Most of Risk

  • Setting Error Budgets
  • Defining and Reducing Toil
  • Milestone: Risky Business


Generating SRE Metrics

  • Monitoring Reliability
  • Alerting Principles
  • Investigating SRE Tools
  • Milestone: I See You!


Reacting to Incidents

  • Handling Incident Response
  • Managing Service Lifecycle
  • Ensuring Healthy Operations Collaboration
  • Milestone: Incidents R Us

Understanding Google Cloud CI/CD Pipelines

  • Big Picture – CI/CD on Google Cloud
  • Relating SRE to CI/CD
  • What is Continuous Integration?
  • What is Continuous Delivery?
  • What is Continuous Deployment?
  • Bringing CI and CD (and CD) Together
  • Milestone: Software for the Software


Continuous Integration on Google Cloud

  • GCP Continuous Integration Concepts


Cloud Source Repositories

  • Cloud Source Repositories Concepts
  • CSR Hands On – Initial Setup and Deploy to Cloud Functions
  • CSR Hands On – Mirror GitHub and Cross-Project Access
  • HANDS-ON LABMigrating Source Code to a Google Cloud Source Repository
  • HANDS-ON LABIntegrating Google Cloud Functions
  • Milestone: Not Just Storage


Cloud Build

  • Importance of Automation
  • Cloud Build Concepts
  • Cloud Build Access Control
  • Perspective: Access Control
  • Hands On – Prepare Cloud Build Environment
  • Hands On – Automate Build with Triggers
  • Best Practices for Build Performance
  • HANDS-ON LABTriggering a CI/CD Pipeline with Google Cloud Build
  • Milestone: Cause and Effect


Artifact Management with Container Registry

  • Container Registry and Artifact Registry
  • What Is Artifact Management?
  • Container Registry Concepts
  • Container Registry Hands-On
  • Milestone: Changing Gears


Continuous Deployment/Delivery Overview

  • GCP Continuous Deployment Concepts
  • Importance of Deployment Automation
  • Deployment Models
  • Continuous Deployment Tools



  • Spinnaker Concepts
  • Hands On – Set Up Spinnaker
  • Hands On – Deploy Sample App/Pipeline
  • Milestone: Are We There, Yet?


Securing the Deployment Pipeline

  • Managing Secrets
  • Container Analysis and Vulnerability Scanning
  • Binary Authorization


Full Development Pipeline

  • Full CI/CD Demo – Concepts
  • Create Spinnaker Cluster
  • Create App Repository and Pipelines
  • Deploy and Manage Application
  • Milestone: Continuity

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