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Just like you shouldn’t undertake erecting a new building without engaging a structural architect, A cloud architect is essential when creating business solutions for the cloud. Salaries for the Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architects rank at the top of Global Knowledge’s top paying IT certifications. The objectives for this course are :

  1. We will explain to you what the Architecting for Cloud is all about.
  2. Make sure that you have a deep understanding of the case studies that google has created for this course
  3. How to make the essential choices when it comes to compute options
  4. It’s important that you appreciate how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are evolving cloud computing
  5. You need to know how to work with containers whether they are on Kubernetes engine or Anthos , inside and out
  6. You also need to have your Networking chops down, because cloud architecture is all about connecting.
  7. Next is Security, because in today’s world nothing is more important than security for your company and for the public.
  8. Finally google recognizes that not everybody is on the cloud yet, so one of the key scenarios that every cloud architect should master is handling a migration.We will look at best practices and essential services.

Google cloud Solution Architect Professional exam is one of the most challenging and rewarding certifications in the industry today. The exam requires more than just the familiarity with the services of google cloud.You need to have the skills and knowledge to be able to perform like a real world professional cloud architect to pass the exam. It is an advance certification and generally considered as much tougher than its contemporaries in other public  cloud platforms.So we will assume you have not only basics but complete grasp on what services do what on GCP, before taking this course. Alternatively, you can check out our Google Cloud Certified: Associate Certification Prep. With that ace in your hand we welcome you to join this course and take your career to the next level.

Lastly, all the cloud solution architecture we will walk you through in this course are in practical real world realm, not just the designing aspect of it.

Are you ready to flaunt your much deserved swag with oh-so-cool patch of GCP-PCA on it ?


  • Course Introduction
  • Course Prerequisites
  • Working through the Exam Guide


Architecting for the Cloud

  • Section Introduction
  • What Makes a Cloud Architect?
  • Architecting Systems in Context
  • Breaking Down the Data Lifecycle
  • Section Summary
  • QUIZArchitecting for the Cloud


Overarching Principles

  • Section Introduction
  • Grasping Key Technical Fundamentals
  • Keeping in Compliance
  • Annotating Resources Properly
  • Managing Quotas and Costs
  • Section Summary
  • QUIZOverarching Principles


Reviewing Case Studies

  • Section Introduction
  • Case Study 1: EHR Healthcare
  • Case Study 2: Helicopter Racing League
  • Case Study 3: Mountkirk Games
  • Case Study 4: TerramEarth
  • Section Summary


Processing Data

  • Section Introduction
  • Reviewing Compute Services
  • Choosing the Correct Compute Option
  • Compute Autoscaling Comparison
  • Evolving the Cloud with ML and AI Services
  • Handling Big Data and IoT
  • Section Summary
  • HANDS-ON LABWorking with Custom Images on Google Compute Engine
  • HANDS-ON LABCreating a Load-Balanced Managed Instance Group on Google Cloud Platform
  • HANDS-ON LABViewing Cloud IoT Core Data Using BigQuery
  • QUIZProcessing Data


Working with Containers and Specialized Workloads

  • Section Introduction
  • Focusing on Kubernetes Engine
  • Anthos: A Closer Look
  • Bare Metal: A Closer Look
  • Section Summary
  • HANDS-ON LABUsing ConfigMaps on GKE
  • HANDS-ON LABDeploying GKE Rolling Updates
  • HANDS-ON LABUsing Workload Identity on GKE
  • QUIZWorking with Containers and Specialized Workloads


Storing Data

  • Section Introduction
  • Storing Your Objects and Files
  • Selecting the Proper Storage Service
  • Saving Your Data on GCP
  • Deciding on the Best Database Solution
  • Section Summary
  • HANDS-ON LABObject Versioning in Google Cloud Storage
  • HANDS-ON LABExporting and Importing Data between Cloud SQL Environments
  • QUIZStoring Data

Networking Data

  • Section Introduction
  • Globally Connecting with External Networking
  • Networking Internally
  • Finding a Load Balancer
  • Section Summary
  • HANDS-ON LABConnecting VPCs with Network Peering on the Google Cloud Platform
  • HANDS-ON LABEnabling Public Internet Communication Using Cloud NAT on GCP
  • QUIZNetworking Data


Managing and Securing Data

  • Section Introduction
  • Establishing Core Security with Cloud IAM – Part 1
  • Establishing Core Security with Cloud IAM – Part 2
  • Detecting and Responding to Security Threats
  • Managing Encrypted Keys
  • Section Summary
  • HANDS-ON LABCreating and Managing GCP Service Accounts
  • HANDS-ON LABUsing Cloud Run with Secret Manager
  • QUIZManaging and Securing Data


Monitoring and Enhancing Operations

  • Section Introduction
  • Keeping an Eye on Your Systems – Part 1
  • Keeping an Eye on Your Systems – Part 2
  • Debugging and Improving Performance
  • Section Summary
  • HANDS-ON LABDiscovering Latency with Google Cloud Trace
  • HANDS-ON LABCorrecting Code with Cloud Debugger
  • QUIZMonitoring and Enhancing Operations


Planning Your Cloud Migration

  • Section Introduction
  • Following Data Migration Best Practices
  • Migrating Applications and Data
  • Section Summary
  • QUIZPlanning Your Cloud Migration



  • Preparing for the Exam
  • Conclusion and What’s Next
  • PRACTICE EXAMGoogle Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect – Practice Exam – 1
  • PRACTICE EXAMGoogle Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect – Practice Exam – 2

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