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Are you looking to gain expertise in Azure cloud space or may be you want to become cloud agnostic when already you have working experience with another cloud other than Azure.Then look no further you should straightaway start with Azure Administrator  AZ-104 certification preparation course. Recommended is you should 1st take az-900 course.

Study9’s Microsoft Azure Administration Certification (AZ-104) Course is curated by industry professionals as per the industry requirements and demands. This¬† Azure Administration training gives you a solid foundation to appear for the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Certification.

In this course we will cover everything that you need to learn to pass the exam as well as to become a competent Azure Administrator in real-life. As we go through this course we will learn :

Identity and governance

Azure Administration basics


Virtual Networking



Disaster recovery

We also have plenty of hands-on labs (20+ labs) in this course to give you the skills that you need to get a position as an azure administrator and become skilled in azure cloud space. Enroll today and get ready for next promotion at work or a new job opportunity !

Course Outline


Welcome to the Course

  • Course Introduction
  • About the Exam
  • AZ-104 Course Readiness
  • QUIZ AZ-104 Readiness Quiz


Azure Administration

  • Understanding Azure Resource Manager
  • Using the Azure Portal and Cloud Shell
  • Using Azure CLI and PowerShell
  • Using ARM Templates

Governance and Compliance

  • Managing Subscriptions
  • Using Management Groups
  • Understanding Azure Policy
  • Tagging Resources
  • HANDS-ON LAB Add, Remove and Update Tags for Resources in Azure
  • Locking and Moving Resources
  • Managing Azure Costs
  • Building a Cloud Governance Strategy


  • Introduction to Section
  • Conceptualizing Azure Active Directory
  • Managing Tenants
  • Creating and Managing Users
  • HANDS-ON LAB Create and Manage Azure AD Users in the Portal
  • HANDS-ON LAB Perform Bulk Azure AD Operations in the Portal
  • Creating and Managing Groups
  • HANDS-ON LAB Create a Group and Add a Member in Azure Active Directory (AAD)
  • Creating Administrative Units
  • Configuring SSPR
  • Azure AD Device Management
  • Configuring Azure AD Join
  • Conclusion to Section

Role-Based Access Control

  • Understanding Roles in Azure
  • Assigning Access to Resources
  • HANDS-ON LAB Using Service Principal Identity to List AD Roles
  • Creating Custom Roles

Azure Storage

  • Storage Accounts
  • Conceptualizing Azure Blob Storage
  • Configuring Blob Object Replication
  • Configuring Blob Lifecycle Management
  • HANDS-ON LAB Expire Data Based on Age in Azure Blob Storage
  • Configuring Azure Files
  • Configuring Azure File Sync
  • HANDS-ON LAB Create and Restore File Share Snapshots in Azure
  • Storage Network Access
  • Securing Storage Accounts
  • HANDS-ON LAB Limit Access to Azure Storage Account Using SAS URI
  • Using Azure Jobs
  • Storage Utilities

Virtual Networking

  • Conceptualizing Virtual Networks
  • Creating Virtual Networks
  • HANDS-ON LAB Creating Multiple Subnets in Azure
  • Deploying Network Resources
  • Routing Virtual Networks
  • Network Security Groups (NSGs)
  • HANDS-ON LAB Create an Application Security Group for Two Web Servers in Azure
  • Using Azure DNS
  • Using Azure Firewall
  • HANDS-ON LAB Attach a Firewall to a Virtual Network in Azure
  • Using Service Endpoints
  • Using Private Endpoints

Intersite Connectivity

  • Configuring Azure VNet Peering
  • Implementing VPNs
  • Implementing VPNs (Demonstration)
  • Configuring ExpressRoute
  • Implementing Virtual WAN
  • HANDS-ON LAB Create a Hub-Spoke Network Topology in Azure

Azure Virtual Machines

  • Creating and Managing Virtual Machines: Part 1
  • Creating and Managing Virtual Machines: Part 2
  • Managing Virtual Machine Disks
  • HANDS-ON LAB Add Existing Data Disk to a VM in Azure
  • Configuring Virtual Machine Availability and Scale Sets: Part 1
  • Configuring Virtual Machine Availability and Scale Sets: Part 2
  • HANDS-ON LAB Use PowerShell to Resize an Azure Virtual Machine in an Availability Set
  • Automating Virtual Machine Deployments
  • HANDS-ON LAB Install NGINX on a Linux VM in Deployment with Cloud Init
  • HANDS-ON LAB Snapshot an Azure VM Disk using PowerShell
  • HANDS-ON LAB Using Custom Images for a Virtual Machine Scale Set in Azure
  • Managing Virtual Machine Updates
  • Automating Virtual Machine Configuration
  • Using Azure Bastion
  • HANDS-ON LAB Access Windows VMs over SSL without Public IPs using Azure Bastion

Network Traffic Management

  • Introducing Azure Load Balancer
  • HANDS-ON LAB Create a Standard Load Balancer with Azure CLI
  • Using Application Gateway

Web Apps and Containers

  • Creating an App Service Plan
  • Creating Web Apps: Part 1
  • Creating Web Apps: Part 2
  • Configuring Web Apps
  • HANDS-ON LAB Scale Out an App Service Plan Automatically in Azure
  • Describing Containers in Azure
  • Using Azure Container Instances for Containers
  • HANDS-ON LAB Build and Run a Container Using Azure ACR Tasks
  • HANDS-ON LAB Create Web App from Docker Container in Azure
  • Using Azure Kubernetes Service
  • HANDS-ON LAB Create an AKS Cluster That Uses Azure Container Instances


  • Using Azure Monitor
  • Setting Up Alerts and Actions
  • Configuring Azure Monitor Logs
  • Understanding Monitor Insights
  • Configuring Application Insights
  • Using Network Watcher

Backup and Recovery

  • Understanding Disaster Recovery
  • Configuring Azure Backup
  • HANDS-ON LAB Restore File Share from Azure Backup to Another Storage Account
  • Azure Site Recovery
  • Backup Reports

Wrap-Up and Practice

  • Microsoft Learn Conclusion Course
  • Conclusion and Next Steps
  • PRACTICE EXAMAZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator
  • PRACTICE EXAMAZ-104 Case Study 1
  • PRACTICE EXAMAZ-104 Case Study 2

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