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Welcome to this certification course on Microsoft’s AZ-204 – Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure.

This course is designed to prepare you to sit for and pass your exam to prove your skills in using cloud development technologies on the Azure platform. Let’s say you are already a developer, perhaps working on a different platform such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), and you’re moving to Azure. Going through a certification path can be an excellent way to get yourself up to speed with the current Azure technology stack and how to put your development abilities to use.

Throughout the course, we’ll take a good look at the technologies you’ll need to know for the exam and help you not only understand what each service does, but also how you can apply the knowledge you gain here in your own environment.

It’s worth saying that this exam can be tough ; but don’t worry If you don’t have much previous exposure to Azure, this course will cover each core section in detail. The only requirement is you should have development knowledge of one or more of the supported development languages like .NET, NodeJS, PHP, etc.

There are 5 domains in total for the AZ-204 Exam:

  • Developing Azure Compute Solutions
  • Developing for Azure Storage
  • Implementing Azure Security
  • Monitoring, Optimizing, and Troubleshooting Solutions
  • Connecting to and Consuming Azure and Third-Party Services

The purpose of these areas is to ensure that you understand how to be a developer on the Azure platform. This means that you need to know Azure SDKs, computing solutions in an automated way, such as how to automate the creation of a virtual machine, storage, security, and monitoring. You also need to understand how to tie third-party services into Azure.

Within each domain are a variety of sub-topics that we’ll cover in greater detail throughout the course. We’ll go through each domain, using each previous lesson as part of the foundation for the next topic, making it so that you not only can answer the questions on the exam, but also have a practical knowledge of how these pieces fit together and how you can design solutions to common problems faced in enterprises today. So get ready to make your hands dirty with hands-on labs  to solidify your knowledge in more complex topics .

The average salary for an Azure developer starts around $40,000 and ranges to $170,000

There are over 3,000 jobs currently on LinkedIn and Indeed for individuals who are Azure certified.

So are you ready to add AZ- 204 skills in your resume if you’re a developer or wannabe developer and becoming more hirable ? land more jobs ?

So with all of that being said, it’s time to jump in and start your journey to get the AZ-204.

What are you waiting for?


Introduction to the Course

Working with Azure Compute

  • Rise of the (Virtual) Machines
  • Virtual Machines: Deploy and Configure
  • Virtual Machines: Secure and Manage
  • ARM Templates
  • HANDS-ON LAB Deploy a Small Environment Using an ARM Template
  • Containers for Your Journey
  • HANDS-ON LAB Deploy a Container to Azure Container Instances
  • Container RegistrationCaught in a Web (Server)
  • Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Servers
  • HANDS-ON LAB Deploy and Run Your First Azure Function
  • Functions, Redux
  • HANDS-ON LAB Create a Durable Azure Function
  • Section Checkpoint: Let’s Review Azure Compute

Storage and Data

  • Like a Virtual Bag of Holding!
  • Controlling the Cosmos(DB)
  • HANDS-ON LAB Provisioning a Cosmos DB Instance in Azure
  • Programming the Cosmos
  • Blob Containers Part 1
  • Blob Containers Part 2
  • HANDS-ON LAB Interacting with Azure Blobs Using REST
  • Section Checkpoint: Let’s Review Storage and Data

Security and Monitoring

  • Prepare for (Digital) War!
  • Authentication and Authorization Part 1
  • Authentication and Authorization Part 2
  • HANDS-ON LAB Limit Access to Azure Storage Account Using SAS URI
  • Centralizing Your Configuration
  • The Vault of Secrets
  • Graphs and Gremlins
  • HANDS-ON LAB Working with Azure Key Vault
  • An Identity Crisis
  • Putting Your Applications Under a Microscope Part 1
  • Putting Your Applications Under a Microscope Part 2
  • HANDS-ON LAB Configure Application Insights with Azure
  • Section Checkpoint: Let’s Review Security and Monitoring

Optimizing Azure Solutions

  • Leveling Up Your Solutions
  • Boosting the Signal
  • Caching Out
  • HANDS-ON LAB Configure Azure Front Door Service
  • Section Checkpoint: Let’s Review Optimization

Connecting Services

  • Unifying Our Services
  • It’s Only Logical
  • HANDS-ON LAB Configure a Logic App to Create Blobs in Azure
  • APIs and You
  • Event Participation
  • Event Log
  • HANDS-ON LAB Using Azure Event Grid with Cloud Shell, PowerShell, and CLI
  • A Gentle Push

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