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How about setting up discoverable, configurable, and secure service mesh using a single tool? What if we tell you this tool is platform-agnostic and cloud-ready? And comes as a single binary download. All this is true. The tool we are talking about is HashiCorp Consul.

Consul provides service discovery, health checks, load balancing, service graph, identity enforcement via TLS, and distributed service configuration management. In this course you will learn about Consul in detail and see how it solves these complex challenges and makes the life of a distributed system operator easy.

Are you ready to begin? This course on Consul will teach you the core concepts of Consul, such as service meshes and discovery, KV stores, load balancing, and access control. You’ll learn when and why you should use Consul, whilst building practical skills that will help you on the job.

In this course we will be using a mixture of discussions and hands-on lab examples on how to perform the various tasks.This course will also cover topics to pass the HashiCorp Certified: Consul Associate.

Are you ready to prove your expertise on Consul in front of your colleagues and employers ??


  • Course Introduction


  • What Is Consul
  • Consul Reference Architecture
  • The HashiCorp Stack
  • Consul Config Files

Installation and Setup

  • Introduction to Installation and Setup
  • Single Server Install Using Linux
  • Cluster Installation Using Linux
  • Using Docker to Create a Small Cluster
  • Secure Agent Communications – Gossip
  • Enabling TLS
  • Using HTTPS with Consul Commands
  • HANDS-ON LABCreate a Consul cluster
  • HANDS-ON LABSecuring Consul Server Nodes
  • HANDS-ON LABEnable TLS for a Consul cluster

Using the GUI

  • Consul Has a GUI

Consul Services

  • What Are Services in Consul
  • Creating Services in Consul
  • Different Ways to Register a Service
  • Consul Connect Is Service Mesh
  • Sidecar Proxies and Intentions
  • Using Health Checks
  • HANDS-ON LABCreate and register a service in Consul

Consul Key Value and Consul Watch

  • KV Stores and How to Use Them
  • Consul Watch
  • HANDS-ON LABUsing the KV store in Consul

Access Control Lists

  • Access Control List Basics
  • Understanding ACL Policies
  • How to Use ACL Tokens
  • Understanding ACL Rules
  • HANDS-ON LABUsing ACL tokens in a Consul cluster


Backup and Restore

  • Snaphots and Backups
  • Restoring Snapshots and Agents
  • HANDS-ON LABBackup and restore Consul using a snapshot



  • Course Summary and What’s Next

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