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Welcome to the Docker Certified Associate course. This course is for beginners as well as for docker veterans . If you are new to docker we will be covering some basics to get you upto the speed if you are a docker veteran this is going to be a bit of a refresher to get you up to date with the latest version of docker.

About the course :

In the introduction we will show you how to set up cloud servers , install docker and then docker under the hood – we will cover high level topics such as docker architecture and how the engine works. Then we will continue learning the basics of docker. We will cover the fundamentals of docker commands , how to go and create a container, exposing and publishing container ports, executing commands on containers as well as basics of login.Then we will move on to networking and storage . In the networking section we will learn how networking works with docker. The various commands we can use and go to manage networks and how they are used with our containers . In the storage section we will learn the basics such as difference between persistent and non-persistent storage . As well as the difference between volumes and bind mounts . Then we will move on to commands and how we can use storage with our docker containers. Next we will talk about docker images. Here we will go and create a docker file , learn about the various instructions to build a docker file as well as the commands to build an image. Then we will go into the detail of building the images this will include the use of using multi stage builds to keep our images as small as possible as well as how to go and tag our images and push them to docker hub. Then finally we will close up the section by learning how to go and manage image history as well as how to save and load images.

The next section is beyond the basics, Where we will go into more detail about container management. This includes things like

  • Inspecting container processes
  • Having container start automatically by using restart policy
  • Also cover the basics of Portainer as well as watchtower.
  • Then we will move on to building microservices using docker compose
  • Here you will learn how to install compose
  • How to use a docker compose file to manage your services , networks and volumes.
  • Then we will move onto the docker swarm.
  • Here we will learn how to go inside docker in Swarm mode
  • Build services we will then revisit networking and volumes
  • How to use them in a swarm environment  as well as building stacks using docker compose .
  • We will then close out by discussing the best practices of docker security as well as secrets to protect sensitive data.

And then off course here is that final section where we are going to be focusing on docker enterprise edition. So we will talk about how to install enterprise edition , We will show you how to get a free trial license for the enterprise edition so that you can actually work with it yourself hands on.


  • Course Introduction
  • Course Features and Tools

Docker Community Edition Installation and Configuration

  • Introduction to Docker Community Edition
  • Installing Docker on CentOS
  • Installing Docker on Ubuntu
  • Selecting a Storage Driver
  • Running a Container
  • Upgrading the Docker Engine
  • Configuring Logging Drivers (Splunk, Journald, etc.)
  • Introduction to Docker Swarm
  • Configuring a Swarm Manager
  • Configuring Swarm Nodes
  • Docker Swarm Backup and Restore
  • Namespaces and Cgroups
  • HANDS-ON LAB Installing and Configuring the Docker Engine
  • HANDS-ON LAB Building a Docker Swarm


Image Creation, Management, and Registry

  • Introduction to Docker Images
  • The Components of a Dockerfile
  • More Dockerfile Directives
  • Building Efficient Images
  • Managing Images
  • Flattening a Docker Image to a Single Layer
  • Introduction to Docker Registries
  • Using Docker Registries
  • HANDS-ON LAB  Creating Your Own Docker Image
  • HANDS-ON LAB Building a Private Docker Registry



  • Locking and Unlocking a Swarm Cluster
  • High Availability in a Swarm Cluster
  • Introduction to Docker Services
  • Using docker inspect
  • Docker Compose
  • Introduction to Docker Stacks
  • Node Labels
  • HANDS-ON LAB Building Services in Docker
  • HANDS-ON LAB Building a Docker Application Stack


Storage and Volumes

  • Docker Storage in Depth
  • Configuring Device Mapper
  • Docker Volumes
  • Image Cleanup
  • Storage in a Cluster
  • HANDS-ON LAB Using Volumes in Docker Containers
  • HANDS-ON LAB  Using Storage Volumes with Docker Swarm



  • Docker Networking
  • Built-In Network Drivers
  • Creating a Docker Bridge Network
  • Deploying a Service on a Docker Overlay Network
  • Exposing Containers Externally
  • Network Troubleshooting
  • Configuring Docker to Use External DNS
  • HANDS-ON LAB Using a Docker Bridge Network
  • HANDS-ON LAB Deploying a Service on an Overlay Network



  • Signing Images and Enabling Docker Content Trust
  • Default Docker Engine Security
  • Docker MTLS
  • Securing the Docker Daemon HTTP Socket
  • HANDS-ON LAB Working with Docker Content Trust


Docker Enterprise

  • Docker Enterprise Overview
  • Installing Docker EE
  • Universal Control Plane (UCP)
  • Security in UCP
  • Docker Trusted Registry (DTR)
  • Setting up Docker Trusted Registry (DTR)
  • Sizing Requirements for Docker UCP and DTR
  • Configuring Backups for UCP and DTR
  • DTR Security Features
  • Managing Certificates with UCP and DTR
  • Docker Enterprise Summary
  • HANDS-ON LAB Building a Docker Enterprise Infrastructure with Mirantis Launchpad


Docker Kubernetes Service

  • Docker Kubernetes Service Overview
  • Kubernetes Orchestration in Docker
  • App Configuration in Kubernetes
  • HANDS-ON LAB Configuring Applications in Docker Kubernetes Service
  • The Kubernetes Network Model
  • Services and DNS
  • Deployments
  • HANDS-ON LAB Services and Deployments in Docker Kubernetes Service
  • DaemonSets
  • Scheduling
  • Probes
  • HANDS-ON LAB Using Probes in Docker Kubernetes Service
  • Storage with Volumes
  • Storage with PersistentVolumes
  • Docker Kubernetes Service Summary
  • HANDS-ON LAB Using Storage in Docker Kubernetes Service



  • How to Prepare for the Exam
  • What’s Next After Certification?


Practice Exam – Docker Certified Associate

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