DevOps Associate


  • 10 hours of live training
  • Access to 10 hours of self paced video training
  • Placement Assistance
  • Immediate course completion certificate from
  • Exam voucher of certification exam for Certified DevOps Associate (DOCCDOA)

Course Duration: 1 Month

Topics Covered

  • Programming with Python
  • Source Code Management with Github
  • Software Build with Docker
  • CICD with Jenkins
  • Deployment with Kubernetes
  • Configuration with Ansible
  • IaaS Cloud with AWS
  • PaaS Cloud with Openshift
  • FaaS with AWS Lambda
  • End to End CICD Project

Course Features

  •  10 hours of Live Online Training with hands on practice on the Cloud Lab
  • Access to Cloud Lab for 1 month to do hands on work
  • 10 hours of Videos through Learning Management System
  • Completion Certificate from
  • Complementary voucher for 1 attempt to pass DevOps Associate exam on
  • Access to class recordings with ability to download
  • Access to VIP Job Portal for 1 year
  • Email Support for 1 year

Live Training

  •  Learn by hands on implementation guided by live trainer sessions in online mode
  • Trainer shows how to perform the tasks on Cloud Lab
  • Attendees perform the work on Cloud Lab
  • Codes are created and uploaded on GitHub as a body of work
  • Trainer clarifies any doubts of the attendees through live interactions

Email Suport

  •  1 year email support for any questions on the course contents
  • Queries answered by DevOps experts
  • Fair use policy applicable

Cloud Lab

  • Cloud based lab environment with all necessary automation provided to do hands on practice
  • Scripts to set up lab environment on local system also available
  • Cloud Lab is available as complementary for a month and can be extended for further use by purchasing subscription separately

Class Recordings

  • Classes are automatically recorded
  • Recordings are automatically shared with attendees after class
  • Recordings are downloadable


  • Get a prestigious certificate from on course completion
  • Obtain single attempt exam voucher for the chance to get a certificate from as Certified DevOps Associate, upon passing DevOps Associate Exam at
  • Certificates carry an unique online verification ID
  • Get a badge to share on professional social media platforms

VIP Job Portal

  • A white glove hiring information curation service to help you in finding a job on DevOps
  • Our team will help you prepare a high quality resume geared for impressing your potential employers
  • Counselling sessions to help you understand techniques to use for landing a good job
  • Mock interview sessions by a DevOps expert panel to prepare you for your interviews

Learning Management System

  • Access to a self paced video series
  • Access to past class recordings
  • Access to an e-book on DevOps
  • Access to code materials
  • Access to Memory Cards that help you memorize key concepts easily

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