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If you are aspiring to learn Nomad then you have come to the right place. If you have little knowledge with Nomad , then this course will help you gain a greater understanding of how Nomad works and how to make use of its features.Nomad in nutshell is an orchestration engine that solves the same problem as kubernetes which is the default option for orchestration in the industry .Hashicorp Nomad is another option .Sometimes it is superior than Kubernetes because Nomad simply just not orchestrate containers but also can orchestrate virtual machines .Kubernetes is only focused in container orchestration.HashiCorp Nomad is a great tool for deploying applications.

While we will mainly cover the open-source version of Nomad, there will also be lessons that discuss the Enterprise version and the differences between them.

When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of HashiCorp Nomad needed for implementing and administering a Nomad environment..Good luck and enjoy this hands-on HashiCorp Nomad course. Now, go keep learning!

Course Outline

Getting Started

  • Course Introduction
  • About the Training Architect


  • What This Section Covers
  • What Is Nomad?
  • The Two Tracks for Nomad
  • Nomad Reference Architecture
  • The HashiCorp Stack
  • Nomad Config Files
  • Nomad in Server Mode
  • Nomad in Client Mode
  • What We Covered


Installation and Setup

  • Single Server Install, Using the Dev Mode
  • Multiple Environment Installation
  • Securing the Nomad Cluster GUI from External Access
  • Access the GUI from Servers in the Cloud Playground
  • Adding a Node to an Existing Cluster
  • Removing Nodes from a Cluster
  • HANDS-ON LABInstalling Nomad Server for Use in Dev Mode
  • HANDS-ON LABInstalling Nomad on Three Servers
  • HANDS-ON LABAdding a Node to a Cluster in Nomad


Transport Encryption

  • Transport Encryption Overview
  • Enabling Gossip Encryption
  • Enabling TLS Encryption – Overview
  • Enabling TLS Encryption – CLI Setup
  • Enabling TLS Encryption – Browser Setup
  • HANDS-ON LABEnabling Gossip Encryption in Nomad


Controlling Nomad

  • Nomad CLI
  • Nomad GUI


Deploying and Managing Nomad Jobs

  • Create and Deploy an Application
  • Nomad Job Specification
  • Configuring Tasks for Applications
  • Examining Your Running Jobs
  • Your Application’s Logs
  • Job Statistics
  • HANDS-ON LABDeploying a Nomad Job via CLI
  • HANDS-ON LABDeploying a Nomad Application in a Cluster
  • HANDS-ON LABConfiguring Tasks for a Nomad Application
  • HANDS-ON LABExamining Nomad Logs


Working with Nomad Jobs

  • Processes for Job Upgrading
  • Upgrades – the Rolling Method
  • Let’s Talk Blue – Green and Canary Deployments
  • Let’s Exit the Job Properly
  • HANDS-ON LABUpgrading a Running Nomad Job on a Single Node
  • HANDS-ON LABIncremental Upgrades in Nomad
  • HANDS-ON LABUsing a Blue/Green Deployment in Nomad


Handling Job Failures

  • Strategies for Failing
  • Restarting a Failed Job
  • Job Reschedule


Dependencies for Jobs

  • Inter-Job Dependencies


Job Placement and Affinities

  • Nomad Scheduling
  • Job Placement with Affinities and Constraints
  • Using Spread Job Placement with Affinities
  • HANDS-ON LABSetting an Affinity for a Nomad Job in a Cluster
  • HANDS-ON LABUsing Spread Job Placement for a Nomad Job in a Cluster


Nomad Clusters

  • Migrating Workloads
  • Recovering from an Outage
  • HANDS-ON LABMoving Your Nomad Job from One Node to Another


Securing Nomad

  • Access Control List Fundamentals
  • Enable and Bootstrap Nomad ACL
  • ACL Concepts
  • ACL Tokens
  • Creating ACL Policies



  • What We Covered

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