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Packer is an awesome tool to create custom machine images across a multitude of platforms.If you already have the familiarity with AWS then you might have heard the AMI which is Amazon machine image which is where you use to deploy an image on ec2. The main advantage of Hashicorp Packer is it will leverage you to create multi platform and multi cloud portable machine images which in turn you can use to run machines on any cloud provider platform which includes AWS, Azure, and GCP, as well as popular virtualization or quasi-virtualization platforms such as Docker and VirtualBox

If you never used Packer before or you are someone who have written Packer templates using older Json style – We welcome you both on board.In this course we will teach you how to write HCL2 based Packer templates as well as JSON .

This is an in depth course with lots of hands on labs included.So go ahead and get started now !



CHAPTER 3Template Languages1:15:04


CHAPTER 4Installation23:19


CHAPTER 5Environment27:07


CHAPTER 6Building a Base Template58:16


CHAPTER 7Provisioning3:16:11


CHAPTER 8Post-Processors21:48


CHAPTER 9Extending the Template1:24:02


CHAPTER 10Debugging45:16


CHAPTER 11Cloud1:30:00


CHAPTER 12Containers1:00:00


CHAPTER 13Virtualization23:22


Packer Integrations :

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