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Study9 has several devops courses one offer. Which one is right for you? Here is a little bit of help for you to decide.

DOP – DevOps Programmer (transformer)

DevOps Programmers are the young professionals who are good in coding in DevOps programming languages. Their focus is not on systems administration.

DOPE – DevOps Programming Expert (customized automations)

The job role of Senior Devops programmers goes beyond being proficient in Devops Programming languages but also they are the seasoned professionals with extensive knowledge in entire Devops ecosystem and they play a crucial role in implementing and optimizing devops practices across software development lifecycle. Additionally they have a knack for building custom extensions and integrations for various devops tools. When a tool like Ansible lacks a certain environment support such as mainframe;  the senior devops programmer steps in to address this limitation. They leverage programming languages like python to write custom scripts that rewrite Ansible modules enabling mainframe support and seamless integration within existing Devops ecosystem.

DOSE – DevOps Systems Engineer (builder)

DevOps Systems Engineers are the dynamic professionals who possess a unique blend of coding expertise and a deep understanding of building and managing DevOps automation systems. While they are proficient in coding, their primary focus lies in architecting and fine-tuning the underlying infrastructure that empowers seamless DevOps workflows.

As skilled system engineers, they take on the crucial responsibility of setting up and configuring critical components such as Ansible clusters, Kubernetes clusters, and other essential infrastructure elements. Their hands-on approach in crafting reliable and scalable systems ensures that programmers can then build upon this robust foundation and unleash their creativity through coding and application development.

DOSA – DevOps Solution Architect (designer)

Devops solution architects are highly skilled professionals who posses deep understanding about both customer needs and devops approach. They bridge the gap between customers and technical teams by understanding pain-points and requirements and then designing custom architectures and solutions by leveraging devops principals and practices and by replacing outdated, manual, inefficient processes.

By thoroughly comprehending the unique challenges faced by their customers, architects create devops driven strategy that aligns with the organizational goals and objectives. Their expertise not only lies in technical aspects but also they have understanding in broader business context and they ensure that proposed solution is both practical and impactful .

Devops Architects are instrumental in transforming traditional workflows into automated, streamlined efficient processes. They introduce cutting edge tools and technologies , orchestrate seamless integration of systems and foster a culture of collaboration between development, operations and other teams.

DOPA – DevOps Program Analyst (manage teams)

Devops analysts are experienced devops professionals who take on the role of team leaders within devops domain. There primary responsibility is to manage and lead a team of devops engineers who are in turn responsible for building and maintaining devops platforms. Analysts posses a deep understanding in devops principals , practices and tools enabling them to guide their teams effectively .

As team leads , devops analysts oversee the implementation of devops workflow and automation processes. Additionally they are responsible for setting up the objectives, define project scopes, and ensuring that their teams are meeting deadlines and delivering high quality devops solutions.

Devops team leads play a pivotal role in identifying the areas for process improvements and optimizing workflows  to ensure efficiency of software delivery pipeline. They analyze the performance and reliability of Devops systems and they propose adjustments to optimize resource utilization and to reduce downtime.

DOC – DevOps Consultant (diagnose and prescribe)

DevOps Consultants are the mid level professionals who work closely with customers to identify opportunities to improve customer’s existing working model with more adoption of DevOps

Devops consultants are mid level professionals who work in close collaboration with customers  and understand the existing working model and then identify opportunities of improvement by the adoption of devops practices. They act as intermediaries between customers and higher level Devops professionals such as Architects.
The role of Devops consultant involves to engage with customers to gather in depth information regarding their current workflows ,challenges and requirements. Based on that information they recommend appropriate Devops solutions that aligns with customer goals and objectives.

After conducting thorough assessments, Devops consultants collaborate with architects to design and propose custom devops solutions that can address specific needs of the customer. They assist in creation of project plans , timeline and budget to ensure a smooth transition from traditional workflows to optimized devops driven processes.

DOG – DevOps Guru (technical excellence)

DevOps Guru are the people who are considered as the top devops person in the company who is revered as the best technical expert in the company and it’s customers. DevOps Programming Expert + DevOps Systems Engineer + DevOps Architect

DOSS – DevOps Security Specialist

Specialization in DevSecOps

KOS – Kubernetes Operations Specialist

Focused on deploying various architectures of Kubernetes platform and managing infrastructure components of kubernetes

KASE – Kubernetes Security Expert

Focused on building a secure Kubernetes environment

KASA – Kubernetes Application Service Architect

Focused on building microservices applications for kubernetes

KAP – Kubernetes Application Programmer

Focused on learning the coding for microservices applications on kubernetes




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