CI/CD with Jenkins

Introduction to Continuous Integration   – Continuous integration (CI) is the practice of automating the integration of code  changes from multiple contributors into a single software project. It’s a primary  DevOps best practice, allowing developers to frequently merge code changes into a  central repository where builds and tests then run.   Understanding Jenkins and Hudson […]

Public Cloud Source Code Management with GitHub

1. Understanding of Source Code Repository as the point of handover from Developer team to Operations team A handover is a process of transferring the roles and responsibilities of a project from one team/individual to another. Typically, this transfer takes place over the duration of a couple of months, in order to ensure that the […]

DevOps Terminologies

Servers – A server is a piece of computer hardware or software (computer program) that provides  functionality for other programs or devices, called “clients”. Servers can provide various  functionalities, often called “services”, such as sharing data or resources among multiple  clients, or performing computation for a client. A single server can serve multiple clients,  and […]

DevOps Concepts

1. Who is a Developer? A developer is an individual that builds and create software and applications. He or she writes, debugs and executes the source code of a software application. A developer is also known as a software developer, computer programmer, programmer, software coder or software engineer. Computer programmers write, test, debug, and maintain […]




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